‘India is in the top 10 countries in the world where rapes occur and Delhi is its rape capital. ‘

India’s ancient history has been a testament to the high status of women – being treated no less than a goddess, yet today they are subjected to grave problems like gender inequality, illiteracy, child marriage, female infanticide, discrimination and sexual harassment in all realms of the society.
As per the 2015 census report,

‘there is crime against women reported every 2 minutes in India.’

The number of incidents of violence against women has increased to an astounding extent as per the National Crimes Records Bureau India Against Women.

In 2013, cases of crimes reported against women was an astounding 3,09,546 which then increased to 3,37,922 in 2014 and took a slight dip in 2015 to 3,27,394.


As per the 2014 census, rape cases in India increased from 24,923 in 2012 to 36,573 in 2014, where 95% of the victims reported knowing their offenders.


Furthermore, in 2012 domestic violence cases reported was 1,06,527 which amplified to 1,22,877 in 2014.


The cases reported for assault on women with intent to outrage her modesty was 45,351 in 2012, which almost doubled to 82,235 in 2014.


These numbers are shocking and these are only the reported cases. There are several cases that go unreported! Even now the news is ridden with a surprising number of rape cases, work-place harassment and even domestic violence. This alarming issue needs to be addressed immediately! If men can’t learn to respect women, then women will have to take a stand for themselves. We understand that permanent change will occur overtime with education, but we at Insaniyat are taking an immediate initiative to teach women how to defend themselves.
Insaniyat has designed and orchestrated the “Maa-Behn” initiative to help women all across India. As the name suggests, this initiative targets women of all ages in India, providing free MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Training for basic self-defense and protection. Stress is laid mainly on physical protection and the need for it in India’s society today.

Insaniyat’s dedicated team visited various railway stations across Mumbai, including Dadar and CST, to conduct these unique training sessions with women. They also conducted these lessons at various colleges and institutions including Rachna Sansad and Datta Meghe World Academy, to train young girls in basic self-defense and physical protection. Not only will it keep women physically strong but also mentally alert and aware at all times.

Women in India are constantly under physical threat, while walking on the road, while commuting by railways and even in their own homes! Basic self-defense is a MUST. Women must understand that this abuse should not be tolerated. It is not a way of life. It is not normal!