What is social development? It refers to growth and progress of a society in terms of educating their minors, providing privileges to senior citizens or empowering their women. It is a vast term which not only covers the human aspect of a society but even their economic development in order to grow as a nation and to urbanize their standard of living. Social development means providing equal opportunity to all sections of the society and making sure there is equal distribution of wealth and privileges to ensure growth as a nation and not just growth of a particular class of society.

In India, we are faced with a variety of crimes from religious violence to even child marriage. Would you like the thought of your daughter being bullied and sexually harassed by a bunch of teenage boys or worse your own child being one of the bullies? How would it be to loose your life due to unattended infrastructural issues or your problems going unresolved because you’re against someone influential? Every tiny step that we decide to take for our nation will be a stepping stone for success so it is important to open your eyes and see that injustice is everywhere and in each form, raise your voice for those being victimized may that be physically, financially or emotionally.

At Insaniyat, our aim is to make an impact in the society and even create a forum of interaction for civilians to get in touch with the government and to get their grievances resolved. As citizens we could make a difference by connecting with others in our vicinity and together getting in touch with the government to resolve the big and small problems on a fixed timer to ensure that our society develops with time efficiency. We wish to be your one-time-stop to get any social matter resolved!