The Future of India Lies in the Classroom!

As the number of out-of-school-children increases from 4.28million (2009) to 17.7million (2014), we at Insaniyat take our small step towards reducing this huge number!

The Maa-Behn Initiative

‘India is in the top 10 countries in the world where rapes occur and Delhi is its rape capital.’ If men can’t learn then Insaniyat have to teach women how to defend themselves!

Discriminative India

‘As a Dalit paramilitary soldier was refused the right to a funeral manifesting discrimination against 305 million scheduled castes and scheduled tribles in India.’ On the other hand, a lady from Spain has dedicated a decade of her life to help Dalit children.


2015 Census of Crimes Against Women in India (Reported)

2014 Census of Rapes in India (Reported)

2014 Census of Out-Of-School-Children in India(in Million)

About Insaniyat

Insaniyat is a non-profit organisation aimed towards bringing lasting change through social development. We believe it is possible to live as a community based on mutual respect, to work together and deal with existing problems of inequality and illiteracy with radical steps.

India is a country where wealth and poverty share a disturbing proximity. We seem to be stuck on the idea that an individual is separate from society. You can hear that it’s crazy; you can see that it’s wrong; you feel it is beyond disturbing but no one is doing their bit to bring a change. Too many times we are told, “there’s nothing we can do about it, this is just the way things are.” Naturally, you begin to believe it.

Equality and respect are essential to our humanity. Educating the young, empowering women, providing for the needy is our top priority. In an attempt to stand for what is right and a will to achieve these goals we set for ourselves, a group of like-minded friends established ‘Insaniyat.’

Our Founders

Arjun Meghe

Arjun Meghe is the young and dynamic son of visionary Datta Meghe. Studied at Bombay Scottish School (mahim) in Mumbai. He studied Business and Management (Accounting) at Brunel University, London , England. An Idealist by nature, Arjun hopes to achieve his dreams by making use of his strong educational empire in his arsenal to overcome existing social dogmas that are pulling our country down.

Arjun Meghe

I want to dedicate my life to educating and empowering the youth of our Nation

Pratik Bhat

He studied Business Entrepreneurship at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles and is currently pursuing Law in Mumbai. An art lover, he enjoys conceptual and modernist works that subtly challenge conventional thought with a dash of humour. His all time favourite artists are the German duo Peter Fischli and David Weiss.

Pratik Bhat

I wish to work on constitutional and environmental matters, whilst challenging outdated systems in education, law and society

Jyotiba Patil

He studied Fine arts and Psychology at School of Visual Arts in New York. His grandparents Vasantdada Patil and Shalinitai Patil, being influential figures in Maharashtra politics, Jyotiba was always surrounded by political chatter as a child and often found himself contemplating current social issues. His love for art is one that is closest to him. He is most likely to be creating and exploring fascinating concepts in his chaotic studio, almost like a mad scientist.

Jyotiba Patil

Educating the young, empowering women, and providing for the needy is his top priority with Insaniyat.